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About YOU...

Why: do you want to ..... (fill in the blank)? 
Clients come to me saying "I need to workout!" "I gotta lose weight." 

So I ask them "why?" If I'm going to work with you, and you know going deeper, why what your reasons are for coming to me to help you excel and transform mentally and physically, your chances of succeeding are far higher than a generalized answer.

When you know, you'll now have laser focus, a clearer head and then - you'll see yourself transform.

Your reasons might be:
- Life events piled up on you so you're busy catching up
- Depression whether it's low or high grade
- You're a people pleaser, and realize now, you need help
- You feel like shit and your running out of steam
- The Dr. is hinting that your health could be better
- Fear of falling behind
- Relationship stress
- Anxiety and feeling overworked




Here is a brief back story of my personal "why."

 Years ago, I went through a serious trauma due to a workplace situation. My Father was also ill and frankly, I lost my passion... 

But after a routine Dr.s visit when she told me my blood pressure was high and would give me one month to see if I could make some changes, THAT was my wake up call..

I didn't want to be put on medication..

So I pulled myself out of my funk and made the necessary changes I needed to do for my health and wellness.

I've got my passion back.. and I'm not letting it go..!  

Self Love   

Strong Mind and Body 

  Healthier Lifestyle           

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