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"I like how Shelly challenges us without being too vigorous. There are lots of options offered!"
~ Esther 

"I was really nervous when we started my CPR training. I hadn't done it for a few years and I thought I'd forget everything.
Shelly made me feel relaxed confident. I actually remembered more than I thought I would!"

Retro Microphone


I have known Shelly for a number of years after meeting her teaching fitness (Pilates /Yoga) classes at Bayview Country Club.Her ability to understand and target specific exercise to strengthen individual physical weakness or injury, led me to search her out for private weekly Zoom coaching.

Also, attending her weekly Zoom group class, we have fun with a quick paced focused exercise program, ending with much needed stretching and meditation. She has helped me address my posture, sciatica and back issues through targeted exercise. I would not hesitate to recommend her for her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for fitness.


Want to thank Shelly Giggey for her continued support as my personal trainer! Shelly gets me amped up every time we are together with her fun personality and creative workouts.

She is also fabulous at helping me work within some medical restrictions I have while also getting my post-partum body back into shape!!

Thanks Shelly!!

Jessica F. 

I took two weekly classes of Shelley's, 'Cardio Flow   & 'Yoga/Pilates Fusion'.  Previously was doing Zumba, but while great for cardio, I am afraid my left hip issue was not a fan.

Changing to Shelley's classes has been great as her 'Cardio Flow' session is constant movement but also includes lots of stretching.  Provides a total body workout but unlike Zumba, the movements are more measured and less pounding on the joints. 'Yoga/Pilates Fusion' is the perfect mix of various stretch moves.

Shelly is an experienced instructor who ensures at all times that we are doing the movements correctly. 

If you are looking for fun, unique classes with a professional instructer, I highly recommend that you check out 'Wellpower' and Fitness Professional Shelly Giggey.


Working out with Shelly has been really good for me. She focuses a lot on functional workouts  and flexibility which help me in everyday movements.

Her workouts are also a little different every time. Shelly has also been really nice about tailoring the session to take into account how much energy i have. Faster workouts when i have more energy and slower days improving flexibility when i have lower energy.

Since working out with Shelly, I have noticed better flexibility around my shoulders and knees.

- Yusaria

It's not JUST exercising,  it's a whole body connection.. COOL!"
~ Mary

I really enjoy Shelly’s classes! They are always effective  and she totally mixes it up and keeps it fun!

The hour goes so quick and I always enjoy that she ends with a calming and relaxing meditation. ️ Thank you Shelly you are great at what you do!


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