Meet Shelly

I am a Transformational Coach, helping women in their 40s to 60s fall BACK in love with themselves, and with fitness! 
🦋 Light Worker: Certified Life/Wellness Coach Practitioner, Certified Fitness Professional and Certified Complimentary Therapist Practitioner. 

Which do you feel is important, being skinny or fit? 
Being able to continue to do what you love and being capable of the general activities in life like, moving, lifting, carrying, getting down to the floor and up with ease rather than having to hire or wait for someone to come help you?  

Know that this is a safe place without shaming you for your fridge or cupboard content. I'll be your champion supporting you on your wellness path whether it's working individually with me or you're participating in my classes because you just looking for a fun or different kind of online group class

During Covid19 we have ALL had weight gain/loss and maybe  even sudden sedentary related stiffness or injuries.. Can you relate? I can

I meet my clients where they are presently, whether it's being ready for a challenge from the start or a slow and steady increase of intensity in  their personal sessions. And sometimes, that includes being a "sounding board" for stress relief

I see wonderful progress with my amazing clients. It's exciting to see them challenge and succeed,
especially when they think there's NO way they'll make it through. But then they surprise themselves! 
I see their physical strength, coordination and confidence building and I find it most rewarding..


When you work with me you'll notice that I talk 
alot about positivity and mindset. It's also a common theme in my social media videos and any podcast guest interviews I do. 
Self talk and our habitual way of thinking can be super-advantageous and motivating or a disservice to determine our success. Let's make it a success!

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​Want to thank Shelly Giggey for her continued support as my personal trainer! Shelly gets me amped up every time we are together with her fun personality and creative workouts. She is also fabulous at helping me work within some medical restrictions I have while also getting my post-partum body back into shape!! Thanks Shelly!!
~ Jessica F.


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