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More Energy                                                                               Better Sleep                                                                                                               Get Leaner   

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Benefits of Online Training

  • No traveling/traffic/ bad weather to drive or busing or getting home late

  • If you're under the weather,

  •  No gym membership required 

  •  Healthy eating  & real food suggestions,  not over priced & artificial food that some program representative tells you is better for you than actual food

  •  No wait time to use equipment as you likely would in a gym

  •  You can workout in your bare feet if you want to - Gyms won't let you do that

  •  Weekly check-ins for support whereas, if you went to a gym, you'd probably get to see and talk to the Trainer once a week

  •  Very Affordable fees compared to in-person training

  •  You don't need a large space to get a good workout in 

  •  FINALLY make good use of any impulse fitness equipment buys you may have made

  • No rush hour traffic or busy gym times to contend with

  •  Work out at your own pace & fitness level without feeling peer pressure  

Thursday night 6:30pm est Small Group  Functional Fitness

Monday night 6:00pm est Stretch & Mobility

60 min- 8 Sessions $96
Drop-in $15/class


Happy Meditator


Benefits of Meditation

Stress Reduction & management - Helps control anxiety -  Promotes mental health  - Enhances self-awareness  - Decrease blood pressure  - Boosts creativity - Anger management  
-  You can do it anywhere
If you say you can't do it, then you need this

​1:1 $80  Per hour
COST EFFECTIVE for you and your friends
Per Person Per Hour
2:1 $65 ea  
3:1 $55 ea
4:1 $45 ea



Mobility & Functional Fitness for NEW SKATERS

Bold Title

Those who are new to Skating or

maybe it’s been a while and the injury “fear factor” is very REAL for you..

Build your core strength, mobilize those joints and gain confidence while you notice your skating skills improve, through functional fitness.

1:1 $85 per 60 min

Location: North York, Yonge and Steeles vacinity. 

Fee may change depending on location


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